Disaster Tips For The New Moms

Being a mom is no easy task and especially so when you are new to the task and a few days in, don’t know why you ever chose to become that! Becoming a mom and adjusting to the many demands of your toddler is something we all take a few days adjusting to. However, your toddler does not wait for you to become accustomed to him or her and thus, within a very short time, most new moms turn into walking zombies. Here are a few tips to prevent that.

Get Help

Most new moms try to be super moms from day one. Little do they realize that their bodies too need healing and rest before they can take on the job of a full-time mom? Especially in those first few weeks, get some help from your mom to drop in at least for a few hours to take care of the baby while you shower and nap. Or else, hire a maid to do the dirty dishes, laundry and clean up the house while you look after the baby. Either way, clear up some time for yourself and reduce the work load you need to manage alone.

Shop Early

Do your shopping early and keep it stacked up. Make sure to purchase items such as baby diapers in bulk.

Preferably from baby diapers suppliers so as to reduce the cost and also so that you won’t find yourself without supplies in the middle of a changing. Toilet paper, wet wipes, ointment are items you will need to have at home in bulk and running out would mean disaster. Thus, make sure to keep tabs on your supplies and tell your partner to purchase the list for you.

Comfortable Clothing

While it is important for the baby to be comfortable. The same can be said for the mom. Think of practical and comfortable clothing items which can be easily removed, changed and washed. There are bound to be times when you need to go to the washroom with your baby alone or need to change out of your top because of puke after a feed. Thus, make sure to have on stretch pants, maybe with an elastic belt or a comfortable skirt and zips instead of buttons on your tops, which can be easily removed during an emergency. Also get used to doing things with one hand, thus, wearing tops which button up from the back is a very bad idea. Rather, switch to comfortable t-shirts and slacks for the first few months of your baby’s life.